fredag 27 augusti 2010


Today I feel I want to write in English. Can it be because I listen to Abraham-Hicks during my morning walks? ;-) However, today, after five walks this week I burst out in tears during my walk. The nature was so beautiful. I saw the waterdrops in the grass, reflected by the sun. I saw the lakes, glittering, as of joy. I felt a huge release, like I dropped a ton of weight off my shoulders. And I realised that I - I - have brought these changes to myself. A great sense of gratitude fills me when I recognize my own power. This new apartment, the fantastic forest, the lakes, it could not be better right now. And I orchestrated it through the powers of asking and receiving. Placing myself in the nature everyday really mages a huge difference in how I feel. It lasts the whole day.

I am blessed. Truly blessed :-)

Listen to Stevie Wonders overjoyed and feel just that :-)

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  1. Så härligt! Naturen är verkligen förlösande ibland!


Blir glad om du skriver en rad :-)